Past Events

2023 SGC Catalyst Conference

Event Summary

On February 1-2, 2023, the Strategic Growth Council (SGC), in partnership with the Milken Institute, convened 260 leaders from across California and the country for the inaugural SGC Catalyst Conference. The event focused on building partnerships and identifying solutions to implement the Justice40 Initiative in California and beyond. Watch the sessions or download the summary reports from the event!

The SGC Catalyst Models

Model 1: Participatory Research to Policy Model

Map place-based vulnerabilities and priorities through SGC’s community-based research model.

Model 2: Community Readiness Model

Increase funding access and implementation in under-resourced communities through SGC’s technical assistance and capacity building model.

Model 3: Community-Driven Investment Model

Catalyze and sustain investment in under-resourced communities through SGC’s power-sharing model.